Phil Tangent – Restitution / Squaring The Circle (SOULR059)

Phil Tangent has been a long time favourite for me. It seemed that while so many liquid dnb producers developed towards the classic cheesy sound that you hear everywhere these days, only a few actually stuck to the archaic liquid vibe, which I love. The first time that i heard of Phil Tangent was on a Lenzman podcast in 2010. He opened the mix with a track called ‘Lunar’ and i think it would be fair to say that he instantly got my attention. It took me over a year to find that particular vinyl so there was no way I was going to hang about when this one came out.

 I have been waiting for ‘Restitution’ for a long time so I am very pleased it finally surfaced. I heard it first on a Random Movement podcast and hadnt ‘really forgotten about it until its release. Iconic Phil Tangent style. A mystical melody with a rolling break drops into a beautifully crafted bass line with soft, atmospheric strings. Listening brings on nostalgic feelings, like you are thinking of a fond memory. Very uplifting. This really is a masterpiece

 The flip is a very different flavour. The simplicity in this track works very well. A haunting bassline with slightly darker sounding vocals sampled from Bjork. The whole thing comes together very nicely. During the second breakdown there is a repetitive sample that seems to be ‘turning’ in time with the vinyl on the turntable. Feels almost hypnotising!

All in all its yet another quality release from this producer on what is one of the best dnb labels out there at the moment. There’s not many releases i havn’t picked up from the Soul:r records output recently. 10 years deep, and still on top of their game. Big ups to Intalex on this one and looking forward to more Phil Tangent releases in the future.


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