Roy Green & Protone – 2 Hours / Think of you (DOWNTIME001)


Ive been loving all of Alignment Records’ output for some time now. Every release has been on point and the label has been exposing a lot of new talent so I’m always excited when something new comes forward.

I first heard of this Austrian duo recently from the ‘Drum & Bass on Demand’ compilation album along with a lot of other new names and you could tell that they had versatile talent.

2 Hours – Lovely blissed out piano samples laid over a warming bassline and a well crafted full break. Tasteful jazz brass samples throughout. This is definitely one that i would love to hear out yet also could enjoy just on the ipod. Great tune.

Thinking Of You – Atmospheric intro again using jazz sax samples, Lots of energy in this one. Bouncy little bass melody that makes you wanna move and really well used vocal samples adding a lot of character to the tune.

All in all a great release. Limited White labels though so i wouldnt hang about. would be a shame to miss out. Really looking forward to more output from these 2 in the future and also more on the Downtime label.


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